Graceland Shopping Center Buildings
Columbus, OH

Over a two-year period, we completed three retail projects for Casto Development in their effort to revitalize the Graceland Shopping Center.

Long a center of activity in Clintonville Ohio, we started by building the East Retail Building. Soon after completing the first project, we began pre-construction on the renovation of Building Five. When we first discussed the project with Casto and the architect, the remodeling design required completely removing the first four feet of the building while maintaining tenant operations. Considering the invasive nature of the design, we developed an alternative approach that retained the storefront glass and structural components of the facade while updating the exterior finishes. Our less invasive approach saved Casto $159,000 and allowed every tenant to continue operating throughout the construction process.

Similar outside the box thinking was required to accommodate poor site conditions for the new construction on Buildings Six & Seven. We worked with the architect and Casto to consider different options for the building foundation. We analyzed different options and utilized grade beams to build the appropriate foundations.

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