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We talk a lot about our guided process, leading our clients along the construction journey. But that process begins and ends with real people.

Our team is built on experience, with many team members that have been with Lincoln Construction for 20+ years. We keep our experts, and when we hire new people, we bring in folks with a ton of experience. Our expert guides are core to who we are. They’re core to how we meet construction challenges. And they’re core to why our clients love us.

/ The Lincoln Team

Leadership Team

“Clients do not simply hire us to construct a building—they understand that our strength is in collaboration, planning, guidance and providing advocacy for their needs. Our clients know that working with us means they’re getting a fully invested partner.”

Greg Schmitt / President

“Because our superintendents have so much experience, most of us 20+ years, there is top down trust in the field operations. Leadership and Project Managers trust that we will get things done efficiently, and we trust that they will have our back if we do the right thing. “

Bill Meredith / Superintendent

“I’ve used a common phrase with our team all these years, and I think it has really stuck. If there’s a challenge, we need to come up with three unique solutions to overcome that challenge. And one of those solutions shouldn’t cost the client a dime.”

Kurt Schmitt / Chairman

“We actually lose projects fairly often because we are “too honest.” But that’s key to who we are. Bad news or good news doesn’t get better with time. If we lose a project for being honest, it’s probably not the right type of client. “

Andrea Schmitt / Executive Vice President

“In the pre-construction phase, their money is our money. We try to be very hands on, getting involved as early in the project as possible. This allows us to estimate accurately, continually making adjustments as the project progresses to keep budgets accurate and the client in the loop. “

Chris Hoff / Vice President of Construction Services

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