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Our Commitment to Green

Meeting LEED standards before LEED even existed

Our introduction to “green” construction started with one of our long-term clients in 1997 before LEED standards were established.

Denison University asked us to renovate an early 1900s building — our first sustainable construction project. We worked with Denison to price innovative green construction ideas and helped source materials, including low-VOC paints and finishes. Since then, we have helped numerous clients pursue sustainable buildings and earn their LEED certification status.

LEED Construction at Denison University

Client Story / Kohl’s

We consulted directly with Kohl’s LEED Manager and provided feedback and suggested changes to their specifications guide regarding points to pursue. Our edits helped Kohl’s achieve LEED status on their 100-store roll out.


/ In LEED Projects (Completed or under construction)

LEED Certified Buildings

Green Building:

  • Denison University / Barney-Davis Hall

LEED Certified:

  • Kohl’s Department Stores (2 locations)

LEED “Gold” Certified:

  • Denison University / Bryant Arts Center
  • Denison University / Ebaugh Science Lab
  • Denison University / Mitchell Recreation and Athletic Center

LEED “Silver” Certified:

  • Ohio Wesleyan University / Meek Aquatics Center
  • PetPlex Animal Hospital / The first LEED animal hospital in the state

Geothermal System:

  • Seventh-Day Adventist Church / Worthington
  • Ohio Wesleyan University / Meek Aquatics Center

Proposed LEED Certified:

  • Ohio Wesleyan University / Stuyvesant Hall

Client Story / PetPlex Animal Hospital

We actively managed the design and construction phase for the 10,000 square foot PetPlex project. In addition, with our significant experience completing LEED projects, we guided the PetPlex building team on the most effective means of achieving certification. Petplex is one of the first LEED registered animal hospitals in the state.

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