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Medical & Eldercare

Detailed construction guides for medical and eldercare facilities.

When it comes to medical facilities and eldercare projects, Lincoln Construction is a go-to solution in Columbus and Central Ohio. These facilities often have complicated needs, making the expert guides from Lincoln Construction the right choice.

When you’ve been around the block as many times as we have, you get quite good at bringing unique solutions to the table for clients.

28+ Years

/ Average years of experience for Lincoln team members.

30+ Projects

/ Completed for medical facilities.

“Your Lincoln team guided us through every process from start to occupancy, answered hundreds of questions, kept us informed not only with our biweekly progress meetings but always were available by phone or email when needed… Not only were they a pleasure to work with and exceeded my expectations, but the commitment to excellence they demonstrated daily reinforced we hired the right construction firm.”

Jackie Scott / Practice Manager, Mid-Ohio Pediatrics

“I can reflect back on the positive attributes of Lincoln Construction, honesty, diligence, and willingness to work with the owner and the architect, and come away with a feeling of that the project was a success.”

William L. Morris / M+A Architects

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