/ Fall 2021

The OSU Kappa Delta House Continues to Take on a New Look

Columbus, Oh

When Lincoln Construction is complete with the renovation of the Kappa Delta Sorority Chapter House, it will provide 12,858 SF of living space for the members. We are not exactly sure when the original house was built – we believe the late 1800’s – or just how many renovations it has gone through since then – but there is quite a bit of evidence being revealed that several renovations have taken place over the years.  Our structural engineer has had his work cut out for him on the structural design of this old structure. 

Aside from the structural renovations and 900 SF that make up the third floor addition, the largest parts of this project are the upgrades to the HVAC systems and electric service. Initially the second and third floors were not equipped with air conditioning which made it extremely unbearable during the summer months – just ask our team of professionals that have experienced this first-hand this past summer. As part of the renovation, all sleeping and public areas will be equipped with air conditioning to go along with the updated interiors and new restrooms. The existing 200Amp electric service is being replaced with a new 800Amp service. This will give the members much more flexibility without tripping circuit breakers.

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