/ JULY 2023

From Flipping Pancakes to Treading Water

Columbus, Oh

Believe it or not, Lincoln Construction is turning a Bob Evans Restaurant into a Goldfish Swim School. This is the second location Lincoln has constructed and we are thrilled to be back onsite collaborating with the Goldfish Swim School team to get the pool ready for new swimmers!

The project is located at 2199 Riverside Drive, just across from the Scioto Country Club. After an extensive pricing process, we are excited to have this project nearly halfway complete.

This project has faced all the challenges you would expect when putting a swimming pool inside a 22 year old wood framed building. Beams and columns have been erected to eliminate bearing walls along with a heavy duty vapor barrier applied at all the framed walls. A new roof with additional insulation has been completed – fully equipped with applied spray foam insulation to the underside of the roof deck. The pool walls are currently being constructed and as soon as this point in the project has been completed – the 12’x10’ access opening in the side of the building can be closed up.

With a total building size of 5,300 SF, the design team was able to accommodate a pool as large as 24’x60’ and 4’ deep. With these dimensions – that still leaves plenty of room for mechanical equipment, showers, dressing rooms, a viewing lobby and offices.

With the familiar Bob Evans “smile” being removed from the exterior facade along with the entire exterior being painted multiple shades of gray – the building will be un-recognizable as a former restaurant.

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