/ Spring 2021

Fairfield Medical Center is Undergoing Fast-Track Renovations

Lancaster, Ohio

Fairfield Medical – Observation Unit

The 15,000 square feet of existing area that was once a surgical area for the hospital will be converted to a new 15 room isolated observation unit.  Each room will be equipped with medical gas, negative isolation, dialysis capabilities, self-closing glass telescoping doors and the latest in nurse call capabilities. Support staff housed in the center core will hold nourishment, pharmacy, private offices, storage, a breakroom and two large nurse stations. This 7 month project is scheduled to start this spring with a completion date targeted for mid-October of 2021. 

Fairfield Medical – Replacement of the LINAC

The hospital is upgrading their existing Linear Accelerator and has asked Lincoln to partner on completing the necessary modifications for this new equipment.  With a March to June timeframe, crews will soon be on-site completing structural, electrical, mechanical and architectural changes within and beside a fully-functional hospital area.  Completing this switch, the crew will have to follow crucial equipment and specialized tolerances to meet the manufacturers guidelines.


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