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Foundational Trait: Level of Care

Lincoln Construction partnered with Grace Polaris Church and Eller Architecture on the new 27,648 square foot Multipurpose Center. This project was one of many with the Grace Polaris Church, thanks to our strong, lasting partnership. The building includes 8 classrooms, a conference room, kitchen and a multipurpose area which can be used as a gym, worship and social area. 

Building a place of worship can be a unique experience. A community or congregation often needs a true advocate on their side. A contractor that they can trust who truly cares about both the project and the community.

From our first engagement in 2006 with Grace Polaris Early Childhood Center we took our position as an advocate seriously. Guiding the congregation through the design and construction process in detail. The Grace team originally brought us a design that was beautiful, but unrealistic in its utility and cost. We worked with Grace and our partners at Greg Eller Architects to design a building that would effectively solve the needs of the community, while still maintaining a fantastic level of design.

Since the success of that original project, our partnership has grown with Pastor Jim Augspurger and the congregation. Our latest engagements were building the new Grace Polaris Multipurpose Center and renovating the existing sanctuary. These two projects required extensive coordination and planning due to the High School and the Church separating properties. We worked hand in hand with the church to ensure the least amount of disturbance to the community, while going above and beyond the scope of our contract to keep the project on schedule.

After 13 years and 3 large projects – it makes you smile when your client says, “I wish we had more projects, so that we could keep working with the Lincoln Team."
- Jim Augspurger, Executive Pastor

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