Spring 2020

Keeping Our Team Safe & Healthy During COVID-19

Lincoln Construction vs. COVID-19

March 22, 2020 came the announcement by Governor Mike DeWine the next steps in the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Department of Health Stay At Home Order defined construction activity as one of the “essential” businesses allowed to continue operations.  Along with the announcement, came a new set of practices implemented by Lincoln Construction (LCI) in order to continue to service our great clients and deliver exceptional management though being mindful of the recommendations provided by the CDC and government with keeping our team safe. 

LCI has been working diligently on putting contingency plans in place to allow for all of the office team to work remotely if necessary.  If they moved to shut all offices, we wanted to ensure access so that everyone can safely and securely continue servicing client projects from home or on the road.  At the office, we are encouraging and practicing social distancing throughout.

While our project teams continue to service our clients on-site – several safety measures have been executed to ensure everyone is doing so safely.

  • Temperatures documented.  Before entering jobsites and the office, temperatures are taken by all employees at home and reported daily to confirm health status prior to reporting to work.


  • Hand wash stations/sanitizer.  We have provided every site with enhanced cleaning and hygiene supplies and encourage everyone to follow guidance provided on coronavirus.ohio.gov, including handwashing for 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer.  LCI ensured that hand wash stations and soap are available at all project sites.  Hand sanitizer has also been provided to our teams as a precautionary measure or when running water isn’t available.


  • Cleaning supplies.  The cover photo shows some of the cleaning and disinfectant supplies delivered to each of our project sites.  Our team has been instrumental in continuing to track down supplies as the supply and demand creates additional barriers to jump. 


  • COVID-19 action plan.  Our VP of Operations, Mike Jirele took the lead in developing this important action plan.  LCI is serious about implementation and procedures, that is why we also distributed our COVID-19 action plan to all our owners and subcontractors.  Our action plan will continue to be incorporated into all our subcontractor agreements going forward.

Our team both in the office and on-site continue to provide for our clients’ needs while modifying workplace rules to provide a safe environment not only for our associates, but subcontractors and clients as well.

We are fortunate to be deemed “essential” and will continue to work following recommendation from the CDC to put our best foot forward in this phase to flatten the curve.


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